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From Music to Marketing: Allure Realty CMO, Gabriel Antonio, Poised for Global Recognition with Netflix Series, Selling Tampa

TAMPA — Tampa is gaining national attention for much more than just sports. With the help of Allure Realty’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gabriel Antonio, Tampa will soon be streamed straight into living room’s around the country. From in air to on air, real estate rockstar and former paratrooper, Sharelle Rosado is set to star in the upcoming Netflix series, Selling Tampa, set to debut by the end of the year.

As expected, a show this special requires a team just as exceptional, and as critics have acclaimed, Gabriel Antonio did not disappoint. Since joining the Allure team back in 2019, his contribution has been pivotal in the success and propulsion of bringing what started as an idea, not only to life but to the silver screen.

“Being the CMO of Allure Realty and handling all of the marketing for the company throughout the Netflix debut has been an amazing experience. I think it’s every marketing person’s dream to be put on a platform as big and global as Netflix,” shared Antonio.

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