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Gabriel Moton

Gabriel Moton
About Gabriel Moton

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Gabe Moton is a former professional athlete who merges winning culture with real estate. He has proven himself on many occasions to be a savvy real estate professional that can create win-win situations out of thin air.

Gabe attended Boston College and Brandeis University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Economics in 2014. He then went on to play professional basketball around the world in countries like Mongolia, Lithuania, Iraq and China before pursuing the lifestyle of a full-time entrepreneur as the founder of a premier real estate investment company. He is also a very active father of twin 3 year olds.

With a passion for helping others, continued self education and negotiating, look no further if you’re trying to be at an advantage during a real estate transaction. As an experienced agent and investor, you can be assured that you’ll find your dream home when working with Gabe.

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